We are all athletes.

Sport athlete. Corporate athlete. Life athlete.

Business has a lot in common with top-level sports. In both contexts, each situation is essentially unpredictable. High-level performance requires maximal adaptation.

Your brain thinks, your body knows.

For optimal adaptation, every individual relies on their own specific motor and cerebral coordination. It provides a complete system of natural resources which condition the way each person perceives, acts and reacts.

Your possibilities are limitless.
Your energy is not.

Understanding your own internal motor dynamics provides stable internal references: the strengths we can rely on for efficient action, but also the effort zones where action costs more energy.

Within a company, this awareness makes it possible for collaborators to deal with situations in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Within a team, it reinforces synergies by providing a different understanding of differences. It makes it possible to handle misunderstandings and turbulence with more flexibility.

Mobilizing collaborators
Fostering team commitment
Supporting organizations

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Our unique approach: an astonishing discovery through experience of your own movement and perception
20 years of experience, feedback from practice and continual improvement of our proposition
The ability to devise tailored programmes to tackle your specific situations
A double expertise in the corporate and athletic contexts: wether they come from professional sports or from the corporate world, every one of our consultants have extensive practical experience of the human, relational and performance stakes in businesses.

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